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 Terms of entry

1. The Marlow Santa’s Fun Run “SFR” is jointly organised by the Rotary Club of Marlow,  Charity Registration 1023492,The Rotary Club of Marlow Thames, Charity Registration 1073652 and the Rotary Club of Marlow Bridge, jointly called  “The Organisers”.

2. The Organisers make every effort to ensure the SFR is safe for entrants, organisers, spectators and users of the public highway and they closely collaborate with the relevant Local Authorities, Police, Fire and Ambulance services . However the Organisers accept no liability for any injury, loss or damage to property arising in any way from the SFR.

3. Whilst marshals will be at all major road crossings to warn traffic, joining the SFR does not confer any special rights on entrants.  Entrants do not have right of way on the road (other than at pedestrian crossings or where a section of road has been closed to other users). Entrants must comply with marshals’ instructions and obey the Highway Code at all times.

4. Children and young people between the age of five and under sixteen years as at the 1st December 2019 may participate in the SFR only if accompanied by a responsible adult and with the permission of their parent or guardian, regardless of whether the Organisers have actually received such permission. The accompanying adult will be held responsible by the Organisers for the safe conduct and behaviour of the child during the event.

5. Young people aged between sixteen and eighteen as at the 1st December 2019 participate in the SFR only with the permission of their parent or guardian. Parents or guardians will be held responsible by the Organisers for the safe conduct and behaviour of the young people during the event.

6.The Organisers reserve the right not to accept an entry or to withdraw any entrant from the SFR without reason.

7. Should the SFR not take place for whatever reason, entrants will not be entitled to any refund.

8. Entry fees are non-refundable.

9. Any personal information relating to entrants in either written or electronic format will not be sold or given to third parties, but the Organisers reserve the right to use this information for promoting future local Rotary events organised by the Rotary Clubs of Marlow, please tick the opt out box on the entry form if you do not wish to be contacted regarding these events. To view our privacy policy - click here

10. By applying to enter the SFR, applicants and entrants warrant that they believe they are fit and able to complete the course and accept entry is at their own risk.

11. Delivery of costumes: Costumes can be delivered to the depots as specified on the entry form, or to addresses within approximately 5 miles of Marlow for a nominal charge  - see online application form which will confirm eligibility for delivery.

12. Gift Aid  By ticking the Gift Aid eligibility box you are confirming that you are a UK tax payer and that you qualify under HRMC rules to allow us to claim Gift Aid on money raised as sponsorship.

When you have read and accepted the above, click the link below to enter. You will be asked to confirm you have read the terms of entry.                 


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